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The PAN-U5 obliquing aerial camera adopts five medium format measurement cameras. The domestic independent research and development modular design, helicopter, light sport aircraft, fixed wing can be mounted, no need to modify any helicopter, specifically for 3- 5cm high-definition high-quality image design, low-altitude flight, high equipment stability, high-quality 3D model, suitable for smart city, multi-regulation.

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The characteristics of PAN-U5 mainly include:     
 Provides the same ground resolution (GSD) for low-altitude flights, providing small-scale imaging products to low-flying customers;    
 Modular design for a wide range of vehicles such as helicopters, large fixed wings and sporting aircraft;     
With a large image format (500 million pixels; single camera 100 million pixels, 11608 × 8708 pixels) can effectively reduce the flight route, save time and cost.The ground resolution (GSD) is better than 8cm when the flying height is 1000m, and the ground resolution (GSD) is better than 4cm when the flying height is 500m.   
Ultra-short exposure intervals for multi-baseline photography, even for large-scale photogrammetry at low altitudes and high speeds; 70% heading overlap with a ground resolution of 2.5 cm (GSD) and 200 km/h flight speed;      
The base height ratio is large and the elevation accuracy is high;     
With a total of 500 million pixels, the sensor is equipped with a high-precision inertial measurement unit for more information and finer textures.

PAN-U5 oblique aerial camera technical parameters