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UltraCam Eagle

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UltraCam Eagle Ultra Large Format Digital Aerial Camera

The birth of the Microsoft UltraCam Eagle camera set off a revolution in digital photogrammetry camera systems.The camera integrates all components of the sensor unit, memory unit, control unit, inertial measurement unit, and other interchangeable lens systems with different focal lengths, setting a new industry standard for digital aerial photography cameras.


The latest revolutionary performance enhancements of the UltraCam Eagle camera:

  • The ultra-wide format of 20010*13080 pixels greatly enhances the working efficiency of the camera;

  • Two different focal length (80mm/210mm) lens system configurations are available for greater flexibility;

  • All components from low-altitude engineering applications to high-altitude orthophoto projects are integrated into the sensor barrel;

  • Provides an image data acquisition rate of 3.7GB/sec to ensure a minimum exposure interval of less than 1.8 seconds, which means a 10cm ground resolution aerial photography at 268 knots (496 km/h) with 80% heading overlaptask;

  • A single solid-state image storage system can store more than 3,800 images, and additional storage units can be replaced in the air. 

  • UCE aerial camera technical parameter table:

    全色影像尺寸 20010*13080像素
    全色像素物理尺寸 5.2um
    焦平面物理幅面 103.86mm*67.86mm
    全色镜头焦距 80mm
    全色镜头光圈大小 f=1/5.6
    全区域视场角,旁向(航向) 66°(46°)/28°(20°)
    航高1000m时全色波段的GSD 6.5cm
    彩色(多光谱)镜头 4通道-R、G、B&NIR
    彩色影像尺寸 6670*4360像素
    彩色物理像元大小 5.2um
    彩色镜头焦距 27mm
    彩色镜头光圈大小 f=1/4.0
    彩色镜头全区域视场角,旁向(航向) 66°(46°)/28°(20°)
    单张原始影像大小 1044MB
    快门速度可选 1/500至1/32
    像移补偿(FMC)技术 TDI(时间延迟积分)
    最短曝光间隔 1.8秒/张
    最大功耗 350W
    影像规格 JPEG;TIFF(可选8或16位,标准tiff格式)
    空中数据存储量 可使用多数据单元交替无限存储,单个数据单元:3.3TB,约3800张