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3D GIS Application Solution


Feiyan 3D GIS Application System is constructed based on GIS data, 3D spatial query, and 3D geospatial analysis. The system can demonstrate the fusion result of DEM, orthophoto, 3D city mesh, and BIM data. Customized, digitalized, and connected full 3D GIS application solutions are provided for different industries.

Main Features 

Multi-source Fusion

DEM, Orthophoto, 3D Mesh, BIM data can be all visualized in a customized 3D application system.

Search Engine

The system provides distributed enterprise search engine, including text search, spatial search, and coordinate search.

3D Special Effects Rendering

Simulate the abstract visual effects such as rain and snow in 3D scene.

Micro-service and Micro Frontends

3D GIS Application System uses micro-service and micro-frontend Architecture for better horizontal and vertical extensions.

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