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Orthophoto is a geometrically corrected aerial photograph in order to achieve uniform scale across the map. Unlike the raw aerial photo, the “orthorectified” photograph is planimetrically corrected and distance measurable.

True orthophoto (orthomosaic)

Both orthophoto and orthomosaic preserve distance. However, unlike orthophoto, orthomosaic also corrects the perspective of camera, so that the final result is created without building lean.

Feiyan has almost two decades of orthophoto processing experience in the scale of 1:500, 1:1000, and 1:2000. Each year, Feiyan can process approximately 300,000 km2 orthophoto/orthophoto for hundreds of clients. The orthophoto/orthomosaic result can be applied in electric utilities, urban planning, forestry, emergency management, transportation, oil and gas, natural resources, etc.

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