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LiDAR Point Classification

2019-12-30 14:29

P3C is an airborne lidar point cloud data processing software with independent intellectual property rights developed by Feiyan aviation remote sensing technology Co., Ltd. It is an abbreviation of Point Cloud Cluster & Classification, which has a large number of point cloud read and write, display, filtering, clustering, classification , Vector export, batch processing and other functions (see Figure 1). The main advantages of P3C are:

1) Large-scale buildings that have been misclassified as ground points can be corrected to non-ground points automatically and with high accuracy, improving the accuracy of ground point extraction;

2) The building points can be extracted efficiently, accurately and completely, and the auxiliary facilities on the roofs of large and small buildings and the points on the external walls can be extracted as building points. The proportion of tree points that are mistakenly classified as building points is extremely low, generally less than 1 in 10,000;

3) Can automatically calculate the fault line and area caused by water bodies, buildings, etc., with topological information, can track the fault line across blocks, greatly reducing the workload of manually drawing the fault line;

4) Vector boundaries and areas of roofs, woods, etc. can be calculated automatically;

5) With flexible batch processing function. Many small processing functions can be freely combined to form a flexible processing flow, and the specified small blocks can be batch processed and exported after reading the DGN formatted block file;

6) With the ability to detect slender features, you can extract slender features such as trains and fences;

7) Ground points can be supplemented on steep hills to improve the accuracy of DEM;

8) The point cloud can be normalized based on the point cloud or DEM to facilitate the expression of tree height and building height;

9) It has the function of thinning and reading and writing point cloud.

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