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3D GIS Virtual Platform

2019-12-30 14:29

1 Overview

Three-dimensional geographic information is another important new development direction after GIS application network. Feiyan's three-dimensional geographic information platform integrates two modules of point cloud data display and three-dimensional scene analysis. It integrates regional data with the framework of the system platform, and builds a lightweight geographic information platform that is good at data display.

2. Platform composition

Figure 1 The overall architecture of Feiyan 3D geographic information application platform

Feiyan 3D geo-information application platform is mainly composed of data acquisition layer, data resource layer, platform service layer, application layer and client layer.

Data acquisition layer: The data acquisition equipment of the three-dimensional geographic information platform is the source of data and the basic link of the platform construction. Its main function is to obtain and collect information from aerial photographs. These data acquisition devices include frame cameras, laser lidar cameras, tilt photography cameras, and more.

Data resource layer: The transmission layer is a channel for the data collection layer to communicate with and interact with the platform service layer resources. It aggregates the data obtained from the data collection layer and processes the data to achieve docking through the database and the platform service layer.

Platform service layer: The platform service layer assumes the responsibility of integrating 3D scene data and laser point cloud data resource sharing, publishing the data as a service, and adding an operation and maintenance management module.

Application layer: The application layer is to serve specific user objects such as natural resources, forestry, and water conservancy through the construction of a three-dimensional geographic information platform.

3. Platform Features

1) Visual display of point cloud data

Lidar is a system that integrates three technologies of laser, GPS and inertial navigation system. It can be used to obtain data and generate high-precision DEMs. It is widely used in industries such as land and forestry. Compared with the traditional geographic information system, Feiyan 3D geographic information platform has added a visual display of lidar point cloud data, and can freely select the area to view the point cloud profile.

Figure 2 Point cloud data

2) True 3D scene

Different from the common 2.5D three-dimensional scenes on the market, the three-dimensional modeling of Feiyan three-dimensional geographic information platform is based on the combination of large-scale maps of cities and oblique Aerial photography, and is constructed using three-dimensional modeling software. Realistic, full-view, multi-angle, simultaneous observation by multiple people, real-time interaction.

Figure 3 True 3D scene

3) Multiple data applications

Thanks to the diversification of data acquisition equipment and methods, Feiyan's 3D geographic information application platform can fuse and display 3D data such as DEM, DOM, tilt data, and BIM data to display different 3D data in different scenarios.

4) Enterprise search engine

Feiyan's three-dimensional geographic information application platform provides an enterprise-wide full-text search engine with distributed multi-user capabilities, which can realize real-time retrieval of keywords and rapid positioning of coordinate ranges.
Figure 4 search engine

5) Micro service micro front end

The 3D GIS application platform uses microservices and a micro-front-end architecture. Based on the characteristics of componentization, loose coupling, autonomy, and decentralization, it realizes independent operation, independent development, and independent deployment. Conducive to the application of horizontal expansion and vertical expansion, increasing system flexibility.

6) Two-dimensional and three-dimensional integrated platform

The 3D GIS application platform combines the advantages of data management, storage, and spatial query of 2D GIS with the characteristics of 3D GIS visualization and 3D analysis; realizing 2D and 3D linkage display, 2D and 3D joint analysis, and 2D GIS rapid dimension enhancement ; Realize indoor and outdoor integration, micro-macro integration, air-ground / ground underground integration.
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