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3D Eco-Friendly

The three-dimensional ecological environmental protection system is a set of solutions that are based on high-precision photographic images and three-dimensional models to assist the decision-making of ecological environment supervision, improvement and protection. The system assists the monitoring and protection of the ecological environment in terms of changes in water bodies, vegetation monitoring, and dynamic supervision of major areas of sewage discharge throughout the region.

2. System composition

1) Vegetation analysis

By analyzing and comparing the vegetation situation of Remote sensing images in different periods, the change of vegetation coverage in the time period is obtained through NDVI (normalized vegetation index) and visualized on the base map. The red part is vegetation reduction , The blue part of the vegetation increased. Observe the pollution from the side through the vegetation.

2) Detection of Xanthophyta prone areas
The Aerial photography images obtained in the previous period can be combined with the previous areas where the yellow algae occurred, and the suspected yellow algae growth area can be selected from the spectral level, and the map can be identified, and the area can be monitored and controlled in combination with the annual average value of pollutants in the area.
3) Water quality change
The water body part can be processed and classified based on the hyperspectral information of the image, and the suspected black and odorous water body part is marked as red and the normal water body is blue by spectral reflectance comparison (low reflectance is polluted water body). Through the comparison of the images of different years, the change of the water body is obtained, and the water body in the purple part increases, and the water body in the green part increases.
4) Dynamic monitoring of sewage outlet
Underwater pollutant detection sensors combined with geographic information data are used to monitor the sewage outlets in real time. From this page, you can see that the pollutants at the sewage outlets exceed the standards and the diffusion of pollutants over time.
5) Sewage treatment monitoring
Associate the monitoring video of a sewage treatment plant with the geographical location, and can browse each monitoring screen in real time
6) Monitoring and management of key areas
Monitoring and statistics of industrial added value, water consumption, drainage, and post-reuse drainage in key areas can be carried out by displaying the distribution of these values in each industrial area in the form of a pie chart. Precise grasp to facilitate the formulation of corresponding management strategies.
3. System Features
1) Provide Aerial photography and Remote sensing technology and information support for ecological protection

2) Real-time and effective monitoring and control of ecological protection areas

3) Faster and better development of ecological culture

4) Mobilize public participation to carry out long-term and continuous governance of the protected area environment
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