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Urban Monitoring

1. Overview

Unmanned aerial vehicle is a new way of acquiring Remote sensing images in the rapid development at present. It is famous for its simplicity, flexibility and low cost. Images collected by drones usually carry time information and location information, and the amount of data is huge. Our company has developed a dynamic monitoring system for drones to effectively manage and apply UAV aerial photos.

2. System function

1) Aerial data import system

Store the data in the specified location and import it into the system with one click.

2) Aerial film comparison

The imported aerial photos will be displayed on the map. Select the corresponding comparison and to-be-compared aerial photographs, you can compare the aerial photographs in the same area at different times, to discover the regional features change, frame out the feature differences, and edit the description information, which can be saved in the system background.

3. System application

1) Data management

The system can save aerial data and its time and space information for a long time, realize the long-term management of data, and provide data support for other applications. For example, when a flood occurs, you can use the system to get all the data that matches the disaster area at the first time when the danger occurs, and provide data support for subsequent flood analysis and decision-making.

2) Enforcement forensics

By comparing the changes before and after the building, you can find out the illegal construction and keep the evidence.

3) City change monitoring

Through the comparison of Aerial photography data at different times, the city changes within the shooting range can be obtained intuitively, providing basis and data support for subsequent urban development planning.

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