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1. Overview

The three-dimensional smart tourism platform is a two- and three-dimensional integrated electronic information platform that Feiyan builds on the fine three-dimensional modeling of scenic spots and combines two-dimensional maps with scenic spot management, scenic spot promotion and tourism services.

2. System module

1) Big data analysis

Big data analysis collects the problems fed back by tourists when they visit scenic spots, such as incomplete identification, incomplete infrastructure, lack of convenient services, lack of emergency facilities, cleaning issues, excessive commercial atmosphere of natural attractions, and inadequate introduction of scenic spots, etc. The analysis and calculation of information such as the scenic spot heat becomes the data foundation of the platform.

2) Tourism demand forecast

By analyzing the changes in the temporal and spatial distribution of tourism demand and the comparison and proportion of the same type of scenic spots, the planned activities will predict the attractiveness of tourists so as to truly grasp the psychological needs of tourists.

3) Scenic content management

It includes two parts: the real-time release of scenic activities and the promotion of scenic spots. Through the mobile phone APP, the news and promotional materials of scenic activities are pushed to visitors in real time to achieve the purpose of publicity and promotion.

4) Scenic area service management

①Map display

A picture integrates the two-dimensional vector map of the scenic area, the interesting scenic area map, and the three-dimensional model indoor panoramic view of the scenic area to display the scenic area in all directions.

② Scenic spot monitoring

The real-time video of the scenic spot is attached to the three-dimensional model to monitor the scenic spot. At the same time, monitor the flow of people and vehicles in the scenic spot, evacuate congestion in time, and estimate the queue time of the tour.

5) Scenic rescue

For sudden emergencies in scenic spots, highlight on the map and call the police at the same time to specify the best evacuation, escape and rescue routes.

6) Scenic area resource management

Aggregate the tourist map resources of scenic spots, analyze different dimensions of different regions, and assist in planning activities of scenic spots based on resource location and statistical analysis

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