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Water Conservancy

1 Overview

According to the demand of digital water conservancy and smart water conservancy construction for the three-dimensional electronic sand table, a three-dimensional smart water conservancy system was built.

The three-dimensional intelligent water conservancy system solution is based on existing information resources, oriented on problems and needs, with "digitalization, networking, visualization, and intelligence" as the main line, with resource integration and sharing and technological innovation applications as the starting point to improve The water conservancy informatization level guarantees the safety of flood control, water supply and the healthy ecological environment of rivers.

2. Three-dimensional intelligent water conservancy system platform

The overall framework is shown in the following figure. The three-dimensional intelligent water conservancy system adopts a multi-layer architecture, which is mainly composed of four parts: data center, system platform support, business application, and client.

1) Water conservancy data center:

A data center is a storage medium for specific information resources owned by users, including basic geographic information spatial database, system framework database, water conservancy spatial database, water conservancy attribute database, file storage system, etc.

2) System platform support:

The system platform support is the cornerstone of system operation, providing a basic architecture and operating environment for business applications.

3) Business application:

Business applications are the core content of the project system, providing business work analysis and processing and water conservancy status display platforms for water conservancy department managers and business personnel.

4) Client:

The system will provide support for a variety of terminal platforms, including web, mobile and large screen displays.

3. Features of 3D smart water conservancy system platform

1) Three-dimensional electronic sand table

Three-dimensional electronic sand table, also known as three-dimensional digital map, three-dimensional geographic information system. It is a combination of Remote sensing, geographic information system, three-dimensional simulation and other high-tech. The solution of the 3D smart water conservancy system is to use digital topographic map DEM and aerospace Remote sensing images, tilted Aerial photography, traditional 3D models and other 3D data to build a 3D scene to meet the high precision, high definition and production of 3D digital maps. Technical requirements such as short cycles.

2) Microservice architecture

Microservice architecture is a new technology for deploying applications and services in the cloud. It realizes the componentization, loose coupling, autonomy, and decentralization of the system, which is conducive to horizontal and vertical service expansion and increased system flexibility.

3) Single sign-on

The use of single sign-on enables users to access all mutually trusted application systems with only one login in multiple application systems, which improves user efficiency and simplifies management.

4) Search Engine

The three-dimensional intelligent water conservancy system uses a search engine to provide search functions, which can provide real-time search, rapid storage, and massive data analysis functions.

4. Industry application of 3D smart water conservancy system

According to the above, the three-dimensional intelligent water conservancy system solution can be applied to manage water resources, monitor water quality, prevent floods and droughts, mountain flood disasters, urban waterlogging, and management of water conservancy projects.

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