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Aerial photography to understand the status of the ground, photogrammetry

2017-04-24 00:00

Aerial photography (Aerial photography), as a modern means of photography, can overlook things from a height that is difficult for people to reach, and convey a macro image to the audience from a completely liberated perspective, bringing a brand-new visual enjoyment. In recent years, with the development of television and flight technology, various methods of Aerial photography have been widely used in the production of films and TV documentaries. During the expo, helicopter Aerial photography was used many times to show the lively scene of the expo site. Today let's take a closer look at Aerial photography and learn its secrets.

The first photographer in history to achieve Aerial photography was nadal, a famous photographer in French history. After several failed attempts at Aerial photography, he tried it on a balloon one day in December 1858, using a wet version of an old fashioned camera. The process was complicated, from painting a salt-light plate to shooting and developing it in a dark room hung in blue. This series of process, must be completed in 20 minutes, nadal with his bold innovative spirit and perseverance finally completed the initiative. In the history of Aerial photography, he made the first great creation of Aerial photography, turning people's visions into reality. Then in the first world war, Aerial photography was developed as a means of reconnaissance at that time.

At present, the aircraft used in Aerial photography are helicopters, unmanned remote control aircraft, powered parachute, airship and so on. The most widely used are helicopter Aerial photography and remote Aerial photography. Let's take a look at their advantages respectively.

Aerial helicopter with other aircraft fly can't match the advantage of flexible operation, convenient for aircraft, flying in the air before the executable fly, backward, hover, vertical flight special tasks, such as small turning radius, shooting conditions by airflow limitation of natural conditions such as small, accordance with the requirements of aerial flight movements can be repeated operation. In Aerial photography, the helicopter has strong climbing force and flexible altitude control. It can be freely controlled according to the height of shooting, and the flight mission can be completed from low altitude to a height of several hundred meters in a short time. In the external environment without obstacles, the helicopter can shoot at a super low altitude within 50 meters. In addition, in the process of Aerial photography, the change of airflow in the high air and the restrictions of various natural conditions lead to the inevitable vibration of the aircraft in the process of operation. For the sensitive camera lens, the inability to maintain stability is a fatal defect for the camera shooting. With helicopter Aerial photography, mechanical vibration in flight can be weakened to the greatest extent due to the use of shock absorption equipment. In a good weather environment, controlled by the cameraman, Aerial photography vibration has little impact on the lens.

And the advantage of the remote control uav aircraft is the remote control of Aerial photography of the operation site many manned aircraft can not reach the airspace, altitude or dangerous areas. The cost is low, and the flight cost is only a fraction of that of a manned spacecraft. The remote-controlled aircraft is small in size, flexible in movement, and capable of flying at ultra-low visual range. Flight approval procedures are simple. The use of the largest remote-controlled airship Aerial photography in the city, according to the provisions only to the meteorological department for approval, flight outside the city, because it belongs to the remote-controlled aircraft, the basic need not approve (except the airport, special areas). Other aircraft such as remote control helicopters do not need approval due to their small size. Maneuverability, easy to choose the best Angle of view; Low requirements for landing and takeoff venues. The safety of unmanned aircraft is better than that of other aircraft.

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