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LiDAR Mapping

Airborne LiDAR is an active ground measuring system that integrates laser ranging technology, computer technology, Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) / DGPS differential positioning technology into one, with high degree of automation, little weather impact, and short data production cycle and high precision.

It could obtain hundreds of thousands of points locating on ground object surfaces per second and result in millions of or billions of points with X, Y, and Z coordinates, which is called point clouds. The 3D shape of ground objects can be clearly and precisely reflected in point clouds. Therefore, it provides another way to view our world.

One of the advantages of airborne LiDAR over other measurement tools is that the laser pulse's penetrating ability makes it suitable for detecting the ground covered by trees and measuring the shape of trees, such as the height of trees and the diameter of canopies.

Due to its unique characteristics, airborne LiDAR has been widely used in the field of survey and mapping, powerline inspection, forestry, geological survey, city planning, disaster monitoring, environment monitoring, coast monitoring, cultural heritage protection, Oil and gas exploration, etc.

The main products of airborne LiDAR include point clouds, high resolution DEM, DSM, DOM, and DLG.

Lidar Mapping case
Lidar Mapping case

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