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What is tilt photography?

2020-03-01 22:05

Tilt photography is a new and high technology developed in recent years in the field of international Remote sensing surveying and mapping. By carrying multiple sensors on the same flight platform and collecting images from different angles such as vertical and tilt, more complete and accurate information of ground objects can be obtained.

Main features of tilt photography:
(1) reflect the real situation around the ground object
Compared with orthophoto images, oblique images can allow users to observe ground objects from multiple angles, reflecting the actual situation of ground objects more truly, which greatly makes up for the deficiency of application based on orthophoto images.
(2) the tilted image can be measured by a single image
Through the application of supporting software, the measurement including height, length, area, Angle and slope can be carried out directly based on the result image, expanding the application of tilt photography technology in the industry.
(3) the side texture of the building can be collected
In view of various 3d digital urban applications, using the characteristics of large-scale mapping of Aerial photography, as well as the way of batch extraction and texture paste from inclined images, can effectively reduce the cost of 3d urban modeling.
(4) data volume is small and easy to publish on the network
Compared with the huge 3d data in 3d GIS technology, the image data obtained by tilt photography technology is much smaller, and the image data format can be quickly published online with mature technology to realize Shared application.

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