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Forestry surveys are important fundamental work to regularly and comprehensively grasp the status and dynamic changes of forest resources and ecological environment.

The traditional forest resource survey methods are mainly based on artificial field measurements, or Remote sensing image estimation and supplementary manual review. However, these methods have low efficiency, poor data objectivity, and the image can only obtain two-dimensional data of the forest.

One of the advantages of airborne LiDAR over other measurement tools is that the laser pulse's penetrating ability makes it suitable for detecting the ground covered by trees and measuring the shape of trees, such as the height of trees and the diameter of canopies.

Feiyan owns two sets of Riegl 1560i, which is world-leading airborne LiDAR. Through the use of Riegl 1560i laser scanners mounted in manned aircraft, full-waveform point cloud data acquisition is performed on forest areas. The Phase One industrial camera equipped with the scanner could acquire image data at the same time to facilitate the classification of point clouds later.

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