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Lidar and Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Data Fusion Realize Complementary Advantages

2020-04-22 14:18

With the continuous development and progress of earth observation technology, and the continuous diversification of means for obtaining spatial information, the use of a single means of spatial data resources has been difficult to meet people's information needs. Lidar and hyperspectral Remote sensing, as two common Remote sensing methods, have different characteristics: Lidar can quickly, efficiently and accurately obtain three-dimensional spatial data of features, and hyperspectral images can well characterize the spectral information of features , Reflecting the characteristics of its features, materials, texture, etc. The fusion of these two kinds of data can achieve complementary advantages, maximize their respective characteristics, and achieve more accurate intelligent detection and identification of objects and higher-precision classification and extraction, which are widely used in forestry ecology, precision agriculture, environment Monitoring and other fields.

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