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How to use aerial remote sensing to monitor pests and diseases?

2021-01-04 10:47
Airborne lidar Aerial photography can be used to analyze the degree of pests and diseases of crops or forest trees based on the laser reflection intensity of crops or forest trees; Aerial imagery can also be used to analyze the effects of crops or forest trees based on the spectral characteristics of crops or forest trees. Degree of pests and diseases.

After crops or forest trees and other green plants are harmed by pests and diseases, their chlorophyll will be destroyed to varying degrees, so the spectral reflection of their near-infrared band (equivalent to MSS6, MSS7) is significantly affected, and the infrared color or false color image The difference between the above and healthy plants is very obvious. Therefore, low-altitude infrared Remote sensing is usually used to monitor and forecast crop diseases and insect pests.

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