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Aerial photogrammetry is the most scientific way to obtain the topographic survey data of water cons

2021-02-05 14:45

As we all know, Aerial photogrammetry technology is playing an increasingly important role in urban planning and construction. Moreover, compared with the traditional topographic survey technology, Aerial photogrammetry technology has the advantages of small volume, light weight, rapid response, good accuracy and low flight conditions. Therefore, Aerial photogrammetry technology is also the most scientific and effective method in the topographic survey of water conservancy projects.

Of course, different water conservancy project designs require different accuracy of water conservancy project topographic mapping data, so the scientific selection of aerial camera and aerial scale is the core to ensure the accuracy of water conservancy project topographic mapping. Among them, the interference of aerial ground resolution, image control point layout scheme, aerial three-dimensional densification survey and its three-dimensional measurement accuracy is the most important factor to determine the elevation accuracy. In order to meet the needs of elevation accuracy of topographic survey in water conservancy projects, it is particularly important to analyze the above reasons.

In the application process of water conservancy project topographic mapping, we need to carefully investigate the specific situation of the survey area, and make the survey preparatory work in place. In the implementation of image control point setting, we need to comprehensively consider the measurement time, workload, investment cost and practical measurement requirements. In the integration of current measurement technology, the results can achieve the task of water conservancy topographic mapping, and scientific selection Aerial camera and its scale are the key methods to ensure the accuracy of topographic map measurement.

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