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Flexibility of aerial photogrammetry technology

2021-03-04 16:48

Aerial photogrammetry is generally low altitude flight, which is easy to operate in airspace and will not be affected by extreme weather. At the same time, it is not limited to the needs of take-off and landing sites. It only needs to select a relatively flat site for take-off and landing. In the process of collecting aerial photos, the risk of pilots can be ignored. In the process of collecting data, the demand for geographical airspace and its meteorological conditions is not high, and the areas that cannot be monitored by manual detection can be realized. In addition, the aerial photogrammetric equipment needs only 15 minutes to prepare for flight conditions, the control is not complex, the transportation of tools is convenient, and the daily reference personnel demand can collect 200 topographic survey information. Compared with the traditional high-resolution satellite Remote sensing, there are two problems in the traditional way. First, the time interval of data storage is very long. Secondly, it is assumed that the new influence is collected, the shooting cycle is long, and the influence information can not be stored at any time. Therefore, the advantages of Aerial photogrammetry are that the time is very flexible, the time required is very short, the work continuity is strong, and it can shoot, store and dispose in time. Compared with satellite and manual surveying and mapping, it can achieve less time and quickly provide finished products for customers.

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