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Remote Sensing Applications Usher in a New Blue Ocean

Mar 22, 2022

Recently, at the second forum on Remote sensing application technology held in Beijing, China

Recently, at the second forum on Remote sensing application technology held in Beijing, China's autonomous Remote sensing image processing software has made great progress. With the development of Remote sensing technology, Remote sensing application has ushered in a new era.

The forum is a gathering of big names and elites. More than 30 speakers discussed the past and present of Remote sensing technology, international frontier, cross-border convergence, industry application, bottleneck problems and intelligent future. The forum focused on cross-border integration and enabling all industries. More than 800 experts in Remote sensing, business people, industry organizations and government representatives attended the forum. The forum also released PIE6.0, a domestic Remote sensing image processing software.

China's surveying and mapping technology is deeply crossover fusion. With 5 g technology and the "satellite" + AI development, will promote the future implementation guide remote, satellite on-orbit interpretation, integrated intelligent Remote sensing image processing, the realization of staring imaging satellites, dynamic tracking targets, such as application, will promote the industrialization of software localization and Remote sensing, form of Remote sensing software production in domestic market environment, promoting the development of Remote sensing technology innovation in our country.

Promote industrialization of Remote sensing software localization and application is one of the important topics in this BBS, BBS released with completely independent intellectual property rights of a new generation of domestic PIE6.0 Remote sensing image processing software, the software implementation the whole business process real-time visual images fusion precision, large area, full load high speed processing and objective interpretation intelligent and efficient, to build cloud platform to realize Remote sensing cloud business agility, on-demand customized flexible and temporal-spatial information fusion, multidimensional awareness.

Gong jianya, an academician of the Chinese academy of sciences and dean of the school of Remote sensing information engineering at wuhan university, said that Remote sensing satellites have evolved from natural resource surveys, detailed surveys, and monitoring of resource environment and land changes to monitoring of situations and targets. The next step is to coordinate military, civilian and commercial satellite resources and truly build a real-time monitoring system, which will play an important role in dynamic monitoring of the Marine environment, analysis of urban traffic conditions, and dynamic target tracking.

According to xu jianmin, an academician from the Chinese academy of engineering in the field of meteorology, China has eight fengyun series meteorological (Remote sensing) satellites in orbit at present, with a sound operational observation system, and has become one of the major meteorological satellite countries standing with Europe and the United States, with a good demonstration effect of Remote sensing application.

From the Chinese academy of engineering in the field of Marine satellite de-lu pan that wisdom is a matter of national Marine construction major strategic and national interests, in order to realize the Marine environment, Marine equipment, the main body of human activities and the associated information connectivity, focusing on the time and space Marine monitoring, Marine static water development and ocean laser Remote sensing satellites, the construction of multi-source Remote sensing spectrum under the integration application platform. Thus, Remote sensing has a broad application prospect.

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