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DEM Editing In DOM Aerial Triangulation

Sep 26, 2022

DEM editing is an indispensable part of producing orthophotos(DOM).

DEM editing is an indispensable part of producing orthophotos (DOM).

During non-human editing of DEM, there may be some noise such as in the overhead, factory buildings, and water that are not filtered out after automatic filtering. In this case, we can be manually removed in stereo mode. In order to ensure that DEM can be output in the water part, it is necessary to manually add a vector line (Edit → Vector Creation Mode → Polyline) after removing the water noise (filtered point cloud) to complete the water, and the elevation is consistent with the water elevation.


 Figure1  Waters Add Vector Lines

Some hillside house terrains also need to be manually edited to add. In the case of missing hilltops, a vector line can be drawn along the ridge in three-dimensional, and the elevation fits the mountain. If the terrain such as roads and houses on the mountain is not expressed, vector lines can be drawn along the elevation of the road or foundation.

After the DEM is created, the single slice can be corrected to mosaic the map to produce an orthophoto (DOM).

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