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Aerial Acquisition

As an Aerial Imagery Company, Feiyan has been delivering aerial remotely sensed data using our specially adapted aircraft and sophisticated sensor since 2003. We hope we can serve more customers with our profession and technology. For more information, please feel free to contact us!
Aerial image
Manned Aerial Imagery

Satellite Acquisition

As a Satellite Imaging Provider, Feiyan Technology uses different altitudes of image data acquisition to reach higher and further. We supply and process satellite data to offer clients innovative products with high quality and low costs. Contact us to get further information you're interested.
Satellite image
Satellite imagery

Field Acquisition

Interdisciplinary team from Feiyan Technology has a lot of experience in geodetic data acquisition. In geodetic measurements, measurements for environmental inventory and reference measurements for remote sensing analyses, we have the support of our own extremely effective system. Contact us to get a better solution for your project.
Field Image
Field Imagery