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  • Data Preprocessing and Raw Data Inspection of LiDAR Data Processing Flow[2020-11-17]

    After the LiDAR data is obtained, the data can be post-processed only after data preprocessing. After the data preprocessing, there is a data checking software to conduct a preliminary check on the data results. The general data format check has the follo

  • What is Lidar Data?[2020-11-03]

    Lidar (light detection and ranging) is an optical remote-sensing technique that uses laser light to densely sample the surface of the earth, producing highly accurate x,y,z measurements. Lidar, primarily used in airborne laser mapping applications, is eme

  • What Are the Different Uses of LIDAR Processing?[2020-10-30]

    LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology and processing is used in a wide range of research and practical applications. With its ability to measure dimensions, distances, textures, and many other aspects of targeted subjects, LIDAR processing has be

  • Aerial Photography and Shoreline Mapping[2020-06-23]

    Aerial photographs are a little different than the photos you might take with your own camera. The primary aerial photographic product is a high-resolution (39 megapixel) digital color photograph. Depending on the camera lens, photos can be taken in black

  • The Basics of LiDAR[2020-06-15]

    AUTHORS: Leah A. Wasser How LiDAR Works LiDAR is an active remote sensing system. An active system means that the system itself generates energy - in this case, light - to measure things on the ground. In a LiDAR system, light is emitted from a rapidly firing laser. You c...

  • Mount Everest Elevation Measurement in 2020[2020-05-11]

    On the afternoon of April 30, the first press conference of the 2020 Mount Everest elevation measurement was held at the Everest Base Camp, and the 2020 Mount Everest elevation measurement was officially launched.

  • Lidar and Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Data Fusion Realize Complementary Advantages[2020-04-22]

    With the continuous development and progress of earth observation technology, and the continuous diversification of means for obtaining spatial information, the use of a single means of spatial data resources has been difficult to meet people's infor

  • Remote Sensing Applications Usher in a New Blue Ocean[2020-03-01]

    Recently, at the second forum on remote sensing application technology held in Beijing, China's autonomous remote sensing image processing software has made great progress. With the development of remote sensing technology, remote sensing application

  • LiDAR is a key technology involved in terrain mapping[2020-03-01]

    LiDAR(Light Detection And Ranging) technology is a rapid development of active remote sensing technology in recent 20 years. Different from the working mechanism of passive optical remote sensing, LiDAR can effectively detect the spatial structure and topography of forest veget...

  • Introduction to Geospatial Data Management[2020-03-30]

    This article provides a very brief introduction to geographic information systems (GIS) technology and the unique kinds of GIS data files that enable such technology. Most data management professionals are more experienced with “classical” tabular data in Cartesian (rows and ...

  • Lidar forest survey, incomparable advantages[2020-03-01]

    In recent years, lidar forest survey has attracted more and more people's attention. However, the hotter this new technology is, the more it needs to be understood from all aspects calmly. Single wood segmentation (based on CHM) Lidar forest survey technology,...

  • Application of tilt photography in rapid resource survey[2020-03-01]

    1.Tilt photogrammetry principle Tilt photography is the international remote sensing field of surveying and mapping emerging developed a high and new technology, combined with traditional aerial photography and close range measurement technology, to subvert the previous orth...

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