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  • How to use aerial remote sensing to monitor pests and diseases?[2021-01-04]

    Airborne lidar aerial photography can be used to analyze the degree of pests and diseases of crops or forest trees based on the laser reflection intensity of crops or forest trees; aerial imagery can also be used to analyze the effects of crops or forest trees based on the spectr...

  • What are the restrictions on drone aerial photography?[2020-12-23]

    Compared with traditional aerial photography, the low efficiency of UAV aerial photography has become one of the main bottlenecks restricting its development. One of the reasons for the low efficiency of aerial photography is the short endurance of the flight platform. The o...

  • What are the requirements for the airborne lidar camera for the acquisition of lidar point cloud dat[2020-12-22]

    Alpine landforms are mainly characterized by large height differences. When the airborne lidar is scanning, the point cloud density of the lowest point and the highest point is very different. In the effective altitude range, to ensure the lowest point cloud density, the laser ...

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of large aircraft aerial photography and drone aerial phot[2020-12-17]

    Large aircraft aerial photography has a large area, high aerial photography efficiency and good image quality. Aerial photography is usually used for aerial photography. The aerial camera is a measurement camera without lens distortion, and the image can be used for high-precis...

  • Why can't aerial photography be taken on many sunny days?[2020-12-16]

    This question cannot be asked like that. Aerial photography must be sunny, but the altitude angle of the sun must be considered. If it is a mountainous area with a large elevation difference and a city with dense high-rise buildings, the sun altitude angle must be greater than ...

  • What is the difference between TDOM and DOM? Where are they applied?[2020-12-15]

    TDOM is called true projection image, which eliminates the projection error of the building, and only the top of the building can be seen, and there will be no occlusion between buildings. DOM is called orthophoto. It does not eliminate the projection error of the building. The...

  • What is DOM in mapping 4D products?[2020-03-01]

    1. 4D products With the combination and continuous development of mapping technology and computer technology, maps are not limited to previous models. Modern digital maps are mainly composed of DOM, DEM, DRG, DLG and composite models. Mapping 4D products mainly include DOM,...

  • What is lidar point cloud data?[2020-03-01]

    Lidar (laser detection and ranging) is an optical remote sensing technology which mainly USES the laser as the emitting light source and adopts the active remote sensing equipment of photoelectric detection technology. Primarily used in airborne laser mapping applications, it i...

  • What is tilt photography?[2020-03-01]

    Tilt photography is a new and high technology developed in recent years in the field of international remote sensing surveying and mapping. By carrying multiple sensors on the same flight platform and collecting images from different angles such as vertical and tilt, more compl...

  • Aerial photography to understand the status of the ground, photogrammetry[2017-04-24]

    Aerial photography (aerial photography), as a modern means of photography, can overlook things from a height that is difficult for people to reach, and convey a macro image to the audience from a completely liberated perspective, bringing a brand-new visu

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