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Applications of UAV Orthophotos

Apr 10, 2023

​Orthophotos are remote sensing images with orthographic projection properties.

Orthophotos are remote sensing images with orthographic projection properties. The original remote sensing image will be distorted and distorted to varying degrees due to the influence of the sensor's internal state changes, external state and surface conditions during imaging. The geometric processing of remote sensing images not only needs to extract spatial information, but also needs to resample the image grayscale according to the correct geometric relationship to form a new orthophoto.

UAV Orthophotos

Although the application field of UAV orthophotos is very broad, there are still situations in which buildings on the images are tilted or blocked between buildings during the aerial photography process. This is mainly because the aerial image adopts the central projection method, high-rise buildings will produce oblique building image occlusion, and at the same time there will be occlusion between high-rise buildings, buildings and the ground, which will directly affect the later surveying and mapping work.

UAV orthophoto is a new type of digital surveying and mapping product, which has a very broad application prospect. Through real images and rich colors to objectively reflect the performance of the ground, it has the characteristics of rich ground information, intuitive ground features, high work efficiency, and short production cycle. In addition, the data of the digital orthophoto map is also more convenient to use. It can not only be used to update the digital line map data and improve the update speed of the topographic map, but also can be directly applied to various geographic information systems of the city as a background map, and can also be superimposed with the line map and text annotation to form an image map. Orthophoto not only enriches the form of the map, but also increases the amount of information of the map.