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What are the restrictions on drone aerial photography?

Mar 22, 2022

Compared with traditional Aerial photography, the low efficiency of UAV Aerial photography has become one of the main bottlenecks restricting its development.

Compared with traditional Aerial photography, the low efficiency of UAV Aerial photography has become one of the main bottlenecks restricting its development.

One of the reasons for the low efficiency of Aerial photography is the short endurance of the flight platform. The operating time of a single Aerial photography is very limited under the qualified lighting conditions and safe flight conditions.

The small size of sensors carried by drones is also a reason for their low Aerial photography efficiency. Although with the development of electronic technology, UAV load sensors are constantly updated, but compared with traditional Aerial photography, the gap is still not to be underestimated.

The most important reason for the low Aerial photography efficiency is that only one drone can be used to carry out Aerial photography in the same shooting area with an area of no more than 100km². Currently, UAV flight control systems mostly use single-frequency wireless communication, and do not have the measurement and control technology for multiple UAVs flying online at the same time in the same airspace. It is impossible to achieve simultaneous online flight of multiple UAVs in the same airspace. The shooting area only relies on a single aircraft. Carrying out Aerial photography, it is difficult to guarantee the efficiency of Aerial photography.

 Restrictions On Drone Aerial Photography

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