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P3C (Point Cloud Cluster) & Classification

Mar 23, 2022

With further increases market demand by surveying and mapping industry, Feiyan Remote sensing

With further increases market demand by surveying and mapping industry, Feiyan Remote sensing's aerial equipment and technology are also continuously growing and upgrading.


We play our own advantages to create a "one-stop GIS application solution" for customers from data acquisition and processing to customized applications. We have strong technical strength and R&D team composed of many researchers with doctor’s degree and master’s degree. Through our efforts, we obtained the "High-tech Enterprise" certificate, more than 20 invention patents and 100 software copyrights. We also build a positive learning platform for the realization of the depth of high school cooperation.

Aiming at the problems of low classification accuracy (about 70%) of laser point cloud data processing software on the market, low post-processing improvement rate (about 10%) and high cost, we independently developed the point cloud processing software-P3C (Point Cloud Cluster) & Classification) , which improves the accuracy of automatic point cloud classification by 17%.It not only enhances the quality of classification processing, but also greatly improves the efficiency of point cloud data processing, to successfully complete a large number of projects with tight schedules and heavy tasks .

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