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Canopy Volume Measurement

Canopy volume measurement is about monitoring the vitality and growth of the forest. Some important indexes needed to be calculated such as canopy bulk density and canopy base height. They can be helpful for us to understand the vitality level of forest canopies on a spatial and temporal basis.

Due to large areas of common forest, works for measuring canopy volume are usually huge with hours of ground or drone LiDAR point cloud data collection. However, by using manned-aircraft together with Riegl-1560i aerial LiDAR sensor, large-scale LiDAR surveys can be executed with 10x efficiency,  lower budget, and quality assurance.

The LiDAR point cloud result can also be used to detect the ground elevation below the dense vegetation. It can be used to classify features such as water, vegetation, roads, and buildings as well.

Figure 2.jpg

Project in Guangxi, China with Riegl-1560i LiDAR sensor