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Feiyan Remote Sensing Training an Important Role in Ensuring the Completion of Aerial Photography

Mar 22, 2022

In the previous article

In the previous article "organizing comprehensive and systematic training to improve the professional level of the team", we mentioned the training situation of the first day of the 3-day training. Today we continue to talk about the training in the future.

微信图片_20190722091146.jpgFirst of all, the first speaker will give you the training, mainly covering the situation of the large aircraft and the company's own equipment, and the implementation of some projects in the field.

Field work focuses on the acquisition of source data.
Before the Aerial photography mission, weather conditions should be monitored to determine whether Aerial photography can be conducted, and advanced equipment, suitable aircraft platforms and flight strategies should be developed for different projects and terrain. Fanyin Remote sensing in a number of Aerial photography projects ahead of schedule to complete field data acquisition, reflecting the efficient and advanced ability of fanyin data acquisition.
微信图片_20190722091210.jpgThe second speaker explained in detail the technical personnel who played an important role in each Aerial photography project and the technical process of the Aerial photography project. The scanning methods and principles of frame Aerial photography, lidar point cloud and oblique Aerial photography are explained by combining pictures and pictures.
Before the execution of the Aerial photography task, project requirements and content assessment, airspace application, route design, Aerial photography season and Aerial photography time selection are required. Among them, the project requirements are to analyze the shooting area scope, data type, ground resolution, point density and post-production requirements of the Aerial photography project.
Every link of the work is to high efficiency to ensure the quality and quantity of the implementation of Aerial photography project.
微信图片_20190722091230.jpgThe third speaker told us about the powerful internal processing team behind feiyan Remote sensing -- with professional and mature data post-processing capacity and rapid data production capacity.
This part of the training mainly covers the production methods of digital elevation model DEM, DSM, DOM and DLG, oblique 3d data processing process, airborne laser lidar processing process and the product results of flying swallow, such as 4D products, image wall charts and atlases.
Among them, the process of tilted 3d data processing needs to go through data preparation, space triple encryption, image uniform light and color, 3d model generation, 3d model modification, quality inspection, and final result sorting and submission.
微信图片_20190722091257.jpgFor example, the generated data product DEM&DSM can monitor the coastal zone erosion by comparing the product results of different years.

To sum up, we know that to complete the whole Aerial photography project, a series of work needs to be carried out from the preparation of Aerial photography, the acquisition of field Aerial photography data, the processing of internal Aerial photography data, to the final review and submission of results. And every step needs to consider many complicated factors to ensure the smooth completion of the Aerial photography project.
Feiyan Remote sensing has been working in the field of Aerial photogrammetry for several decades, and has completed the surveying and mapping of more than 1 million square kilometers of Aerial photography, selected more than 50,000 kilometers of lines, and produced more than 300,000 square kilometers of orthophoto images.
These achievements are inseparable from the mature and experienced Aerial photography team, technical team and internal industry processing team, they are indispensable, is an important role in the completion of the entire Aerial photography project.

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