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How to use PHOTOMOD for Image Mosaic of DOM

Oct 19, 2022


PHOTOMOD's image mosaic module adopts the method of connecting all images as a whole and drawing them at one time. The edge lines are stored before the overall cut. That is, in the process of drawing the mapping, the overall uniform color uniformity, geometric edge, and color transition are completed at the same time. It not only reduces the amount of data produced by traditional image mosaicing, but also avoids error accumulation and achieves overall tonal unity.

When mosaicing, the corrected image automatically generates stitching lines in the software. To ensure the integrity and quality of the image, the stitching lines are automatically selected according to the center of the overlapping part. The selection principle is to avoid entities with obvious marks such as buildings, rivers, lakes, trees and so on to ensure the final DOM are selected to be the closest to the actual shooting effect.


Figure1  Schematic Diagram Of The Stitching Line

During the mosaic process, the image color brightness on both sides of the stitching line is adjusted locally, so that the overall tone tends to be consistent.

224-6.jpg 224-7.jpg

Figure2  Schematic Diagram Of The Image Color Brightness

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