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Advantages, Disadvantages and Applications of Digital Orthophoto Map(DOM)

Mar 29, 2023

A detailed introduction about the advantages and disadvantages,solutions and applications of DOM.

True Digital Orthophoto Map(TDOM) is formed by using the Digital Surface Model (DSM) and digital differential correction technology to correct the geometric deformation of the original image, resampling the entire survey area, and correcting the image perspective to a vertical perspective image map.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Orthophoto Map

Digital Orthophoto Map (DOM) combines the advantages of traditional line map and orthophoto, and organically combines clear and intuitive orthophoto with accurately marked maps. Although orthophotos are widely used, there may still be situations where buildings on the image may be tilted or blocked between buildings during the aerial photography process.

The main reason is that the aerial image adopts the central projection method, which will produce oblique building image occlusion for high-rise buildings, and at the same time, occlusion between tall buildings, buildings and the ground will occur. The side of the building in the picture below can be clearly seen, and this slanted building image will block the ground surface under the building. In addition, there are more occlusion phenomena between tall buildings, such as mutual occlusion between floors, and mutual occlusion between floors and the ground, which will directly affect the later surveying and mapping work.


Digital Orthophoto Map(DOM) Display of Chemical Industry Park Project

Solutions and Applications

The digital orthophoto map (DOM) can be corrected by the digital surface model (DSM), the building is completely vertical, any object on the picture is vertically downward, and there is no occlusion phenomenon.

Digital orthophoto maps (DOM) are widely used in map surveying, land surveying, natural resources and urban construction planning and design, which can save a lot of labor and time costs, and greatly facilitate the later design and planning.

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