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Chinese Society of Surveying and Mapping and Jiangsu Society of Surveying, Mapping and Geographic Information Came to Investigate and Guide

May 06, 2023

Recently, Song Chaozhi, chairman of the Chinese Society of Surveying and Mapping, and his party visited Feiyan Aviation Remote Sensing Technology Co., Ltd. for investigation.

Recently, Song Chaozhi, chairman of the Chinese Society of Surveying and Mapping, and his party visited Feiyan Aviation Remote Sensing Technology Co., Ltd. for investigation.

Song Chaozhi visited the various departments of Feiyan Remote Sensing Nanjing Scientific Research Technology Marketing Center, watched the AIMS multi-modal aerial camera independently developed by Feiyan Remote Sensing, and listened to the independent innovation of our technical experts in aerial remote sensing technology. In recent years, Remote Sensing has conducted detailed inquiries and understandings in terms of production and operation, technological innovation, and transformation ideas, and fully affirmed the achievements of Feiyan Remote Sensing in the past few years since its establishment. He pointed out that the key to the growth and development of Feiyan Remote Sensing lies in the fact that it has been concentrating, single-minded, and focused on strengthening surveying and mapping aerial photography for 20 years. , digestion, absorption, to the development path of integrated innovation. This kind of independent innovation driven by the market has more practical guiding significance.


Song Chaozhi analyzed the development trend of surveying and mapping aerial photography. He pointed out that for the sustainable development of aerial survey enterprises, both persistence and transformation should be emphasized. The reason why we must stick to it is because our country has a vast territory, complex and diverse topography, and basic surveying and mapping still needs to be covered and updated as necessary. Existing satellite remote sensing resources are not enough to support the needs of basic surveying and mapping coverage and updating, and there will still be a certain demand for aerial photography for a period of time. At the same time, it has come to the era when equipment determines capability and technology determines level. At the small-scale level, aerial photography will face the competition of satellite remote sensing; at the large-scale level, aerial photography will encounter the impact of drones; real-scene 3D construction, and the development of artificial intelligence technology will bring impact and influence to traditional surveying and mapping aerial photography . Over the past 20 years, Feiyan Remote Sensing has not only maintained the good performance and integrity ranking of the national private enterprises for many years, but also expanded the multi-source satellite data fusion processing and interpretation services, enriching the UAV aerial photography team and data The processing team has independently developed the Swift4D digital twin space-time intelligence platform to better provide users with multi-source "data + application" services.

In the future, Feiyan Remote Sensing will also combine the opinions of this survey to further transform from the original project-oriented and service-oriented enterprises to product-oriented and platform-oriented enterprises, focus on strengthening marketing capabilities, improve understanding of the Internet, and learn from the integration of world-class Internet companies. success experience.

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